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Does your manuscript sing? Does the opening grab your reader? Are your characters consistent and strong? Does the story unfold in such a way that readers can't stop turning pages? These are the issues addressed through content editing - the first and most important part of the editing process.

As a content editor, my job is to check for inconsistencies, contradictions, and omissions, while evaluating the possibilities for plot enhancement and assuring a well-integrated subplot. Copy and line editors address grammar, and beta readers can be helpful in picking up the details needed to polish your story, but they do not address the full picture. If someone behaves out of character, a scene is too long, or a plot device is too obvious, a beta reader may notice, but will not be experienced in finding where the problem lies, let alone be able to help you fix it.

A content editor offers you suggestions to strengthen your manuscript. Through the support and assistance during re-writes, a content editor can guide you in taking your writing to the next level.

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I met Trenda 'Tbird' London online almost two years ago when a mutual friend introduced us. We had something in common from the get-go. That is reading a good book. As a writer, it was natural to talk about my work during our daily chats and had supplied her with chapters of my WIP's, if not my published book.

Tbird went through the chapters faster than I could write them and I was impressed with her enthusiasm, keen eye to details and knack for spotting inconsistencies. Mind you, Tbird's rude introductions to vampires were through my books, and even if it wasn't her cup of tea to begin with, she patiently tried to learn the machinations of the creatures' thinking and soon enough, was close to well-verse in the said genre.

I can never thank her enough for sticking by me all these years, and I'm very lucky to have her in my team of beta readers. I have to reiterate this, I cannot submit my work for consideration to my publisher without her reading the final work first.

Tbird is accommodating with her schedule, dedicated and very reliable. Confidentiality is first and foremost concern. I can assure you that your work is safe in her hands. She is not just a beta-reader, but someone I call a friend. I know this is sounding like an advertisement, but I truly adore the woman.

Best regards,

It is with great pleasure and pride that I recommend Trenda Lundin (known to us fondly as our "T") Where to start..

T was one of the first reviewers of my first book, Out of the Box Awakening back in 2013. I submitted the book to her for review and waited patiently, wondering just how it would be received. Her review was so eloquent and it was after that, we became friends. Her friendship is one I treasure and hold so special. As for her talents, I can honestly say that she is one who goes above and beyond the call.

She KNOWS each and every one of her authors. She knows our personalities, our writing styles and our capabilities. One of the things I love most about her is her brutal honesty. Sending her my manuscript and reading her blunt, honest and loving notes is the fuel that keeps me writing.

I have to honestly tell you that I owe the success of my second book to her. She was on me tooth and nail and forced out of me what she knew I was capable of. If you are looking for someone who will kick your ass (in a good way) and get you to the end of a successful 'publish', then our "T" is the one for you.

We don't share her to just anyone, so if she's asked us for a letter of recommendation, then you must be "T" worthy.

I'm not really sure how to begin here. All I can say is that Trenda is so amazing that I have to ask why she is not the one requesting the reference.

I've worked with her on three books and a novella. All of them are dramatically better for it. Trenda gets invested in the story and the characters, and then strives to help you make them better. She is a critique partner, not a beta reader. However, unlike a standard critique partner, she asks for nothing in return. This gets abused a lot. Let's be honest. We writers get touchy when it comes people reviewing our work.

Trenda will, gently, point out where we fall short. If you are not open to someone investing herself and helping you get the best possible results, please look elsewhere. Trenda invests not only her time, but also her heart. You need to be ready for that kind of feedback.

I have to say that I have taken all of her comments seriously and have acted on about 95% of what she has suggested. Whether or not I like what she has to say, she is generally right. She doesn't tell you what she thinks should happen; she tells you what is missing and where more depth is needed.

She may also point out subtext that you did not know existed.

Yes, I highly recommend Trenda, but please take care of her. She gives too much of her heart. Cheers!

I met Trenda London in 2013 when I published my first novel, Sadie's Mountain, and she reviewed it during my blog tour. Since then, T has always been one of my most trusted friends and reviewers, and has most recently joined my team as a beta reader.

T is helpful, honest, and a constant supporter as I continue to write and publish more books. She's also opened up a world of supportive authors in her private group on Facebook. Being an Indie published author is not always easy, but having T in my corner makes it so much better. She has a lot of experience in today's romance market; she knows what an audience wants, but she also knows how to support the author's vision.

She understands how real the characters are in her author's heads, and endeavors to make sure that what your vision comes through on the page for the reader to experience, too.I really hope you'll take this opportunity and work with T, too. You won't regret it.

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Trenda as a Beta on my latest book Monochrome My Madness. She was thorough professional and a God send when I needed it most. Her notes were invaluable to me.The way she could mark out small little things that would help with the flow of my story for my readers made my book better without a doubt.

Her passion for what she does can be seen in her work and I look forward to working with her again in the future.

If you are looking for a honest, thorough and professional Beta I would recommend her without a doubt.

Kind Regards

I have worked with T on my novels and she is invaluable with her enthusiasm and input as beta reader and friend. She truly cares about her authors and puts everything she has into helping us make our work the best it could possibly be.

I know she constantly pushes me to be a better writer and when something doesn't feel right to her, she questions it in a way that makes me want to answer it for her and all readers.

I know my books are better because of her and I know anything I work on in the future will have her amazing eye and wonderful input. She truly is an asset to have and I am honored to work with her. I'm sure if you work with her, you will feel the same way too.


As a debut author with minimal experience, I was terrified at the prospect of sharing my work with a virtual stranger. I understand how hard it is to trust someone with your Book Baby. Truly, I do but I am so thankful that Trenda was suggested to me as a beta. My editor has worked closely with her for a while and assured me that she would be a good fit. My editor was wrong. Trenda was the PERFECT fit!

She was thorough, honest, encouraging, and constructive. She left some of the most valuable feedback I have ever gotten.

She isn't afraid to point out when something isn't working but she does it in a way that lights your creative fire rather than extinguishing it. I couldn't have asked for a better beta.

Trust always comes with risk, that's just the nature of it. I know how scary it can be but I'm so glad I trusted Trenda. She was worth the risk. If you have any follow-up questions, feel free to message me on Facebook. I'll help out any way I can.

Best Wishes for a Bestseller!


TBird has beta read for me on multiple occasions, and she is by far one of my best beta readers. She is honest and offers constructive feedback, not just look for typos. I appreciate her immensely, and would recommend her to anyone. I won't publish a book without her reading it first, anymore.

I have worked with Tbird for around a year and have had many bad experiences prior to working with her. She breathes life into my work and I trust her one hundred and ten percent. You couldn't ask for a better critiques partner. She understands us crazy writers. Tbird knows the process and delivers her honest oppinion in a way that isn't gut wrenching as I've been through with other people.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I highly reccomend Trenda.

I could not have asked for a better beta reader when I handed over my manuscript to Trenda.

She came highly referred to me by the ladies at Bare Naked Words. She will always be my first choice because she's descriptive in her feedback and thinks outside the box when it comes to noticing things that other betas may not notice. She's also one of the greatest supporters I've got. She's always quick to offer support and feedback, as well as promoting my projects.

Thanks for all your hard work, Trenda!

About me

Born and raised in Kansas, books have always had a special place in my life. I often find myself dreaming of ways to expand stories and how to tie loose ends. I have a passion not only for books but also for the authors I work with. The name of my business is "It's Your Story", because I strongly feel that each book should remain the vision of the author. I often remind my authors that each character is a living entity that finds the writer who is perfect to tell his or her story, and I never want to derail that process.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work, with a concentration in Addiction Studies, and also minored in Psychology. Several years ago, I started working as a beta reader under the guidance of an author who was thrilled with my ability to visualize, track, and analyze her work. For the next three years, I went on to offer content editing and beta reading services to several authors on a volunteer basis. I have since combined what I have learned from editors, authors, and writing manuals, and I am applying that knowledge in a formal business as a content editor.

I feel it's time for me to spread my wings. I am married and have three children, whose ages range from young adult to teenager. I am also an active reviewer for Bare Naked Words, Stephanie's Book Reports, and Beyond the Valley of the Books, along with being a guest reviewer for Crystal's Many Reviewers. As you can tell, books are not my hobby; they are my passion. If you and I can touch just one reader, then we have done our jobs well.

What I do

I review plot, character and scene development, story flow, time gaps, transitions, and consistency. I ensure that there are no plot holes or unanswered questions that will leave the reader disappointed. My background in Psychology and degree in Substance Abuse Counseling can also help you connect with your characters and guide you through the actions they may take in various situations. Through my experience in reviewing books, I can also offer my opinion on how well your book will be received by readers regarding emotions, suspense, and enjoyment.

I am willing to give you the best I have to offer on each project and ask you to instruct me on what level of involvement you are seeking. No job is too small. Whether you need a beta reader or a closely involved critique partner, I am honored to be at your side.

I will read your documents multiple times and will brainstorm either via email, Facebook private messages, or telephone as much as necessary. I will work in your choice of either Microsoft Word or Google Docs. While I will point out any copy errors I see, I do not edit for typos and grammar. My focus is on content issues.

As a side project, I can also be hired to create Book Bibles. This means that I will read the first book in the series and then list the characters, their relationships, physical descriptions, and any other information that you need to reference in order to maintain consistency throughout a series.